ALT-BIO deordorant


ALT-BIO is a water-based encapsulation chemical product which is designed to dramatically reduce VOC and flammability of many types of products. ALT-BIO is comprised of specialty surfactants, solvents, and stabilizers which work fast to bring down hazardous levels.   This product is designed to be introduced into:


ALT-BIO works by encapsulating the actual chemical structure of the hazardous compound. Immediately after encapsulation, the hazardous component begins to lose its signature. Products with high flammability (LEL) such as benzene will become less flammable within minutes of application.

The unique properties of ALT-BIO surround the molecule and thwart its normal characteristics. Within a few hours LEL levels are normally below 1%. In addition to reducing flammability, this product will lower odor levels. Field test data has shown odor reduction as high as 95% on some products (including some hydrocarbons and hydrogen sulfide).




Decontamination using Vapor Tech’s ALT-BIO can be achieved in a few ways. The two most popular are 1) Steam Injection and 2) Direct Chemical Injection. Both allow the introduction of the ALT-BIO product to the internal surfaces of the process equipment being decontaminated




One of the best ways to decontaminate vessels is through steam. Steam has the ability to carry ALT-BIO throughout the surfaces of the vessel naturally. In addition, the heat helps pull hydrocarbons from the pores of the metal surfaces. Introduction of ALT-BIO is quite easy. At the inlet of the vessel to be decontaminated, the chemical is injected into the steam line and allowed to flow through the vessel.

The steam/chemical mix will work it’s way through the vessel; coating all of the surfaces. Once the vessel has been treated, it can then be rinsed out with water.

Residues that were in the vessel are now encapsulated in the ALT-BIO. Hydrocarbons are now water-soluble. Once soluble, the hydrocarbons are removed easily. The rinsing process will remove the contaminated materials and leave the vessel residue-free.




This case study involves a distillation tower which was decontaminated using ALT-BIO and steam. The tower contained various hydrocarbons (heavy aromatics). A 3% solution (ALT-BIO) was added to steam at the inlet of the tower. The tower was steamed for 12 hours. As noted on the chart to the right, concentration levels began to drop immediately. The tower was then rinsed with warm water to flush out particulate and residues. Due to the quick drop in emissions, the tower was cleaned in 2 days. The same job took 1 week last year when the customer tried flooding the tower with water and venting to a carbon vessel. Using Classic’s method, no carbon was used and the turnaround time was much quicker.






ALT-BIO may be added directly to tanks, cooling towers, and vessels by way of sprayers, butterworth, or spinners. Internal coverage is the most important aspect. Without steam to permeate throughout the vessel, it is crucial that the chemical delivery method reaches every internal surface. Using ALT-BIO in a mist also works well. Field data shows that usually within a few hours, PPM levels and flammability (LEL) drop significantly.




This particular benzene tank had 200 ppm (light residues). After only one hour concentrations had dropped over 60%. LEL was also being tracked. See below for   results:

This first case study involved a small (1000 bbl) above ground storage tank which contained benzene. The tank was vented through Vapor Tech’s rental scrubber system while ALT-BIO was injected through one of the tank manways. A firewash nozzle with pneumatic pump was used to spray the chemical into the tank. The chemical is first sprayed at the roof and top walls and allowed to run down the sides of the tank. Washing with ALT-BIO stopped when all of the surfaces were wet. Concentration levels were then monitored by a hand-held gas meter. The results were as follows



This particular benzene tank had 200 ppm (light residues). After only one hour concentrations had dropped over 60%. LEL was also being tracked. See below for   results:




Cooling Towers


Heat Exchangers

Storage Tanks

Storage Vessels




And many others...










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