ALT-derust is a liquid compound that inhibits rust on all ferrous metals. it is designed for use on parts that are stored indoors.

Protection is provided immediately upon exposure to rust bandit with no stress change in the metal. ALT-derust is great for

protecting parts after cleaning. It dries fast with a clean, non-tacky feel and will not damage any polymers, plastics, coatings,

and most paints.


ALT-derust prevents rust up to 6 months, depending on dilution and storeage facility and has an indefinite shelf life prior to use.

Other factors such as temperature and humidity will also affect the lifespan of any rust inhibitor.


Rust is less likely to form below an ambient temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If the storage facility is near the ocean,

a salt fog or high humidity can impact the life of the protective coating.

Clean parts to allow ALT-derust to fully contact themetal surface being treated. Immerse, spray, wipe or brush parts in

ALT-derust  then allow parts to dry.


The protection will be provided immediately upon exposure to ALT-derust . This material is not subject to bacterial decomposition

or rancidity and does not require removal prior to painting, plationg, or assembly





rapidly coats and inhibits corrosion on all ferrous metals

Dries fast with a clean, non-tacky feel




No HAP's

No DOT restrictions

Easy and safe to use

Safe on soft metals, plastic, rubber, PVC and other surfaces unharmed by water alone




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