ALT-concrete cleaner is a biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-fuming, one-of-a-kind acidic wash product made from an organic salt. 

This product cleans light concrete, cement and lime scale, and hard water deposits from metal and /or painted metal surfaces. 

It also works well on vehicles or equipment that has aluminum rims or aluminum surfaces.  In addition, ALT-concrete cleaner 

leaves a light protective silicone coating after each wash.  This coating will help protect against rust, corrosion, and oxidation.


ALT-concrete cleaner  is also especially effective on vehicle and concrete handling equipment windshields producing

a “Rain-X” like effect.





·        Reduces the need for harsh traditional acid chemicals

·        Keeps hazardous products away from personnel - safer acidic, concrete cleaners

·        Minimizes corrosion on vehicles and equipment – reducing replacement and re-painting costs

·        Reduces the need for separate aluminum cleaners, etc

·        This product is considered non-corrosive, and is not regulated by DOT



Directions for Use:


  1. Product is ready to use – ( can come in 3 different concentrations )

  2. Scrub product on surface with soft-bristle brush

  3. Thoroughly rinse vehicle or surface with water



Typical Physical Specifications:


Form / color:                                       Clear, teal green colored liquid

Odor:                                                  Mild odor

Specific Gravity:                                1.103

Flash Point:                                       Not Applicable

pH:                                                     <2.0





Although  ALT-concrete cleaner contains no hazardous ingredients, the surfactants and organic salts could cause eye irritation,

therefore the Material Safety Data Sheet ( MSDS ) should be read before using product.


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