ALT Power Cleaner



ALT Power Cleaner is a unique, biodegradable, general purpose cleaner and degreaser. Its major ingredient is an orange

peel extract.

It can be used easily and effectively to clean most soils from almost all surfaces.  ALT Power Cleaner is a versatile product

that can be used in many applications and with many types of cleaning methods and equipment. It can be applied by

sprayer, brush, mop, or by immersion. It can be used in soak tanks, vibratory machines, tumblers, and most types of parts





Environmentally safe and pleasant to use

employee satisfaction and safety

works at room or low temperature

reduced energy costs and evaporation

readily biodegradable

no waste treatment problems

oils & greases can be seperated

oils & greases can be kept out of waste stream

free rinsing

no residues left on parts

cost effective

overall cost reductions

non toxic & non corrosive

very safe to use



Typical Applications ;




auto/truck engines, parts, housing etc

grease, oil, tar, asphalt and carbon deposits

Industrial tools, machines and equipment

grease, oil, dirt

plant washing and cleaning

stamping, drawing and cutting oils

plant and shop floors and walls

rubber marks, oil, dirt and grease




 For Industrial


   1)  Various automobile parts such like brake, transmission , engine block cleaning

   2)  LCD and LED back lighting parts

   3)  mobile cellphones

   4)  stainless, copper, aluminum, steel coils

   5)  animal oils for farmers

   6) all kinds of fields  





For Homeusers


1) burned pots

2) heavily oily dirts

3) all kinds of dirts at home. 










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