What is ALT rust remover ?

ALT rust remover  is a clear liquid which contains inorganic acids and surface active agents with a special blend of catalysts "activators" that reduce the activation energy needed for aluminum brightening and aluminum cleaning. The catalysts make the surface of the aluminum more reactive and this allows the acid blend to be more productive on bare aluminum. 

 ALT rust remover  was developed to improve the safety of those cleaning with traditional aluminum cleaners and brighteners (Hydrofluoric Acid Brightener); yet, still have a product that works just like the traditional aluminum cleaner and brightener (Hydrofluoric Acid Brightener) WITHOUT the negative hazards associated with that product

ALT rust remover  is formulated without hydrofluoric acid or any other corrosive acid or caustic. The result is a product that has near identical brightening properties to the harshest acids, yet is safe to the touch, the truck and equipment. ALT rust remover  does not etch the surface of the metal to “brighten,” a process that eventually leaves your aluminum dull and grey. Rather, it removed contaminants from the pores of the metal, allowing the natural brightening properties of the metal to shine through. This also means that ALT rust remover  does not release trace metals like traditional acids during the washing process.



The applications of ALT rust remover

1.  cleaning and brightening of aluminum surfaces.

2.  cleaning bright surfaces

3.  removal of light rust 

4.  removing road film, grime, algae, scum, lime deposits, oxidation, conditioner of painted surfaces and

5. brightens bare aluminum..



How to use ALT rust remover ?

Dilute with water before using. The level of dilution depends on the nature and the temperature of the surface being treated.

Can be applied by brushing or high pressure spray wash. Work from bottom to top both on application and rinse.

Allow the solution to dwell for 10 minutes prior to rinsing.

Recommended concentrations are 1:1 ~ 5:1 dilutions for brush application and 5 : 1 ~ 10:1 for pressure washing application.

Do not permit solution to dry on surface, rinse completely and preferably by covering area with a high pressure rinse.





When used as directed, it is safe on aluminum, copper, Plexiglas, stainless steel, brass, iron, painted surfaces, steel, bronze, lead and rubber.

It is not safe on galvanized surfaces, zinc magnesium, chrome and tin.

Do not use on anodized or highly polished aluminum, aircraft, stainless steel, glass, fiberglass and ceramic surfaces as irreversible damage

may occur if not used properly.  




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