Welcome to visit the web site of Kook Je industry.


We are a chemical manufacturer, located in South Korea for the past 15 years ,

We have experience in various applications or cleaning jobs for commercial and non-commercial fields.


Our product , ALT Power Cleaner is being supplied to the automobile industries, LCD ,

mobile phone manufacturers, and even medical device companies to clean and degrease

all kinds of metal components successfully.


Futhermore, our product is registered NSF and USDA in United States as a safe and environmentally

friendly product for human and nature.


The product name " ALT " is the abbreviation of ALTernative , which means to replace toxic chemicals for

human and nature.


We will keep this goal to replace toxic chemicals to serve you with fine products forever.



Kyu Chun , Jo / President Of Kook Je Industry


(TEL) 82-31-4797696

(FAX) 82-31-4797697

(e-mail) altblue@kookjeind.co.kr , altblue.coby@gmail.com



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